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Hi Moccz Parents!

We are really keen on hearing your thoughts. To ease your custom, we've compile all of our FAQ's in here and we hope you can find the answer to your question right away. For quicker checkout, we highly advise you to create an account.



Q: Are these Moccz are safe for the older kids to wear in the streets, parks –basically outdoors?

A: Although the bottoms are soft, the leather is durable and thick, and is very protective! Of course, your little will be able to feel the ground differently, but our lovely Moccz are made for indoor and outdoor play.


Q: The elastic piece that has been tied together is sticking out of the side of the Moccz, are they broken?

A: No, indeed! They just need an easy fix by pulling the opposing side of the elastic it will pull through to the center of the Moccz.


Q: How do I choose which size to get for my little one?

A: Please measure your baby's foot from heel to big toe before purchasing and compare it to our shoe size chart. Our shoes run true to measurement, so make sure you follow the instructions on the size chart page. We recommend you to choose the littlest size that includes your baby’s foot measurement. (For example; if your baby’s foot measures around 12.3 cm, than we advise you to choose size 3 which measures 12.5 cm) Please bear in mind that Moccz leather shoes will stretch slightly as they are worn in.


Q: How do I clean my Moccz?

A: You can easily clean you leather shoes with a damp cloth and suede shoes with a brush that has an appropriate hardness. We highly not recommend you to threat any of your Moccz with any sort of chemical product as this goes against the way the leather has been developed.


Q: What type of leather do you use?

A: We pride ourselves on sourcing top quality leather and use 100% genuine cow hide leather for all our Moccz.


Q: I have a crawling baby or a newly walking toddler, the toe of the shoe seems to be wearing the colour off of the leather, is this normal?

A: Yes! The colour will wear off slightly on the toe if your baby is crawling and dragging their toes on the ground or if they are starting to walk and also dragging their toes from this. This is just the nature of leather and completely normal.


Q: It looks like my pair of moccasins came with two same feet, is this normal?

A: Yes! The pattern for the moccasins is the same for both feet. The pair will look the same and as they are worn a definite left or right side will start to appear through love and memories.


Q: The leather looks different from shoe to shoe, is this normal?

A: Yes! We use the same colour lot for each shoe, however some hides have a slight variance in the colour and your shoes may look a little different. Once they are worn a couple of times, they will start to even out.



Q: I purchased two different styles of moccasins in the same size. Why does there seem to be a size variation between the two styles?

A: We use the same pattern for all moccasins of the same size. However, Moccz moccasins are handmade which can cause slight variation. Leather hides comes from different parts of the animal so it varies in thickness. Depending on the type of leather, part of the hide the leather came from, and the handmade nature of the moccasins there has always been size variation and will continue to be slight size variations.


Q: Are Moccz moccasins good for walkers?

A: Our soft soled moccasins are perfect for children who are starting to walk! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends soft soled shoes for early walkers as children learn by gripping their toes on the ground, and they don't need arch support yet. Moccz moccasins are the healthiest choice for first time walkers.



Q: Can I be your retailer, wholesaler?

A: Of course, you can! Just send an e-mail to including your details and how/where you are planning to sell our perfect Moccz.