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Why Moccz?

Why to choose Moccz?


Although very high amount of parents are prefer Moccz because of their high quality and unique designs, there is an important reason behind this choice. Yes! Moccz are soft soles.

So, why it is so important to make your baby wear soft soles?

In the beginning of your little ones’ lifelong walking journey, it so tough for them to carry the heavy hard sole shoes on. Instead, they just need to focus on balancing and coordinating their precious and unique first steps. Soft sole Moccz are make babies easy to walk in, protect them from cold-relatively hot surfaces and any hard objects may be lied on the floor. Walking in them allows the babies grip the floor with their toes as if they are barefoot.


Basically what a pair of Moccz does is flexing their toes and promoting better balance.


Babies’ sensitive feet need protection from things like cold temperatures, uneven surfaces or anything may be lying on the floor. Even a tiny soft sole shoe can handle this important protection. This is especially important when your child is walking outside. Choosing a soft sole with a good fit can also avoid injury as your wobbly toddler learns to walk. Shoes like sneakers and flip flops can fall off or incline your child to not enjoy the moment, so look for soft sole shoes that fit securely. This is why Moccz soft sole moccasins have an elastic insert around the part of the shoe that meets to wrist to keep the Moccz secure no matter what.